ANKER-AUDITOR Ltd. was established in 1991 by eight private owners. Currently all the owners of the company are active members of the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors.

The auditor members of ANKER-AUDITOR Ltd. are acknowledged experts of the profession, which can be supported by their numerous publications. Some remarkable publications:

  • Accounting reference book (UNIO)
  • Explanation of the Accounting Act (HVG ORAC)
  • Enterprises and auditing (KJK)
  • Accountancy of credit institutions (SALDO)
  • Accountancy, bookkeeping, annual report (DASHÖFER)
  • Comments for tax issues (DASHÖFER)

Divers of the company’s auditors are teachers of Budapest Business School, College of Finance and Accountancy (Institutes of Accountancy and Controlling).

The members of ANKER-AUDITOR Ltd. have particularly deep knowledge beyond the general auditing tasks in the fields of transformation, consolidation, firm-valuation, due diligence and economic law.